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Drilling  Drilling Operations
Abraj Drilling is a customer-oriented service division which ensures that quality and satisfying Wells are drilled in line with customer expectations. Abraj Drilling Services started operation in March 2007 with two 1000HP mobile drilling rigs.

Soon after establishment and stabilizing operation, our Rig count has increased to seven land drilling rigs that include, two light rigs (1000HP), four medium rigs (1500HP) and one heavy rig (2000HP). Abraj Drilling services are offered to independent and major oil and gas exploration and production companies in Oman i.e. Petroleum Development (Oman), OXY and Petrogas. Our drilling services have expanded beyond Oman in 2009 by starting the operations in Fujairah, UAE.

Abraj Rig fleet is capable of drilling various types of gas and oil wells from shallow, development to high pressure high temperature (HPHT) exploration wells. Abraj Rigs are equipped with the latest technologies that improve efficiency and limit HSE exposure (i.e. Top Drive, Iron Rough Neck). The Rigs are run with competent personnel who have wide industry experiences in drilling oil and gas wells.

Abraj business strategy is to own and operate a high-quality fleet of land drilling rigs in active drilling markers, and positions ourselves as world-class Company in terms of Operations efficiency and safety. We will continue to improve our drilling rig utilizations and add more Rigs based on the market forecasted demands.

In terms of customer satisfactions, Abraj is keen to seek customer feedback in order to improve services either by utilizing new technology or smart initiatives that optimize the way of working, thus meeting customer demands of production growth at a reasonable development cost.

Our goal is to be in the top quartile in meeting customer satisfactions utilizing new rig concepts, new drilling technology, backed up with complete logistics support.

Alongside the Drilling services, Abraj is currently providing the following as stand alone or integrated services:

  • Casing Running Services
  • Mud Engineering
  • Solid Control

Abraj is establishing its resources to start the following services:
  • Cementing
  • Mud Logging
  • OBM & WBM Supply